Stage Name: Nick James
Location: Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Years Active: 9+
Genres: Club House/Top 40, House, Techno, Deep House, and Tech-House
Gear: Pioneer CDJs & Mixer

About Me

I perform at two distinct event types, clubs and parties/festivals, and the way I approach programming and the style of music varies between the two. I never plan my sets and I adjust and tailor them on they fly to what is happening on the dance floor because it's all about making people dance. I can create warm-up opening sets or hard pounding prime-time sets with ease thanks to the experience of 9 years of reading crowds and playing along side DJs from around the world.

I have been described on more than one flyer and press page as "one of the most energetic DJs in Saskatoon" and if I finish a set dry I did something wrong (or the air conditioning was amazing.) My philosophy is simple; If the music I am playing can't get me to dance how could I expect it to get everyone else to dance? With that in mind I believe in putting on a show but without relying on gimmicky showmanship or making myself the center of attention. I think the room should be able to feel my energy but I do not believe they should be watching me, they should be dancing.

When I am not behind the decks I spend a great deal of time on various online DJ communities helping out new DJs, discussing tips & tricks with other working DJs, reviewing gear and music services, and of course hunting for music. Any DJ who thinks they have nothing left to learn is wrong but at the same time we need to show confidence in our abilities.




6Twelve Lounge

Past Residencies

Diva's Nightclub
302 Lounge & Discotheque
Ryly's Nightclub 

Guest Appearances 

Scratch Nightclub
6Twelve Lounge
Walker's Nightclub 

Past Few Years

Connect Festival XIX and XVIII Temple Stage & XVII Verb Stage
Collected @ Rock Sugar
Skylab VII & XVII
The Return of Underground
We Are Not Pop
Saskatoon Pride 2012, 13, and 14
The Blue Party 2014 
Canada Day A & C Festival 2014


I am currently working on recording a new set of demo mixes, older mixes are available on request.

It should be noted with all demos that my sound is always tailored to the event and venue and to how the crowd is reacting. All recorded mixes serve to showcase only a small sample of the style of music that I play and my mixing ability but are not necessarily indicative of what I would play in any particular venue.

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